Teen Arpita Selfie Pics

Teen girl Arpita takes time off to take selfies of her body. Teenage is the time when the body develops and adds a bloom to it. It is a time of youthful fruition when nature adds frills to the female body. It’s the time when the boobs grow and change from conical to full round buns. The areola darkens and soft curls of hair appear on the pits.

Like all new gen girls, she has shaved the hair in her armpits. It’s been a couple of days after the last shave and the stubble and dark patch in her armpit make her really alluring.

It’s a sultry day and she has come home. In the confines of her bedroom near the full mirror, she decides to take a couple of selfies of her body. She takes off her clothes one by one until she is buff naked and takes snaps of her new bloomed body with her mobile. Her body is voluptuous with full grown boobs and a sexy brown areola. There is just a hint of darkness where her pube is and it suggest of a moist dark panty or else a fully grown and unshaved muff. Her amateurish shot makes her really naughty and ready to be licked of all that youthful aroma. A really worthy sight even for sore eyes!

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